Maintenance Fees

LVW Maintenance

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Homes and property are maintained
 by our  service staff.



   Leisure Village West is maintained by a staff of more than 70 full time employees and managers.

The property,  facilities, and individual residences are maintained daily by our staff. 

 Normal hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
 Emergency services after hours are just a phone call away.

 The primary work force services are for Home and appliance repairs and maintaining the private and common Grounds  

In addition to the maintenance departments we also  have many other services (see Other Services) such as bus transportation to and from the malls, Post Offices, libraries  and grocery stores.

There are also professional offices for Realtor, Doctor, Banking, and Lawyers (see other services)

 If you are going on vacation and need to store your plants you can reserve a space in the Greenhouse.        


Items covered as installed by the developer or Association:

Garage doors, hinges, cables, rollers, door jambs, springs, door stop, tracks, handles, weather stripping-(if available)

Any damage caused by garage door openers or automobiles is the residents' responsibility for repair.

Exterior Doors-door glass-(defective only) door glass (broken, replaced at a charge.

Door Jam, hinges, locks-(original only), patio sliding/screen doors-(if parts are available) handles, saddle, sweep and weather stripping-if available.


Broken Glass Replacement-excluding storm.  Glass condensation guidelines: Upper window units that have fogged up between 35-40% are to be replaced at no charge.  Lower units that are fogged up at 25% are to be replaced at no charge.  Unit owners may have window glass replaced at their own expense.

Latches & Springs

Note:  A unit owner installed windows in place of those provided by the developer understands that the LVW Association is no longer responsible for maintenance of this alteration or replacement of any of its parts, and the responsibility becomes solely that of the unit owner or subsequent owner.

Miscellaneous items covered:

attic stairs-(broken springs), fences-(not gates), gutters, roof, siding, wood trim.

Chargeable Items:

appliance bulb, A/C filters, attic fan motors & parts, ballast, bathroom fan, disposal, exterior door locks, fluorescent bulbs, lint traps, oven doors, patio screen, sliding door lock, smoke alarm, window screens.

Central A/C, electric heat, refrigerator, dryer, cook tops, natural gas furnace, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, water heater, disposals, range, range/microwave. 

Repair work covered by the Association (as installed by the developer).  If some items or parts are unavailable or discontinued, the Association is not liable for the repair or eventual replacement of the item.

Appliances.  General Electric or approved manufacturers only.  If appliances and parts are under warranty the residents are advised to contact the manufacturer.

Appliances will be repaired if they are repairable, as determined by the Service department.  Appliances no longer repairable are those that the repair cost (parts and labor) is more than 50% of the depreciated replacement cost.  The replacement will be the unit owners' responsibility - a model and make approved by the Association.  Contact the Association office for an approved appliance listing.  Installation requires a Permit from the Association and from the Manchester Township Department of Inspections (obtained by the contractor) and must conform to all building codes and inspections.


Circuit breakers, outside light fixtures, pushbutton for doorbells, transformer for doorbell, 

Wiring from main breaker up to fixture, fluorescent lights - charge for bulbs

Wall switches and covers (excluding dimmers) as installed by the developer


Bathtub stoppers -Tub stoppers

Caulking of bathtub and shower stall (will not do tile grouting or tile repair)

Faucets-Gerber, Moen or Pfister models only - washers, cartridges, stems, non-ceramic handles, supply lines, shut-offs, stoppers, diverter for kitchen hose and spray, hot and cold indicators if available, caps.

Hose bibs-outside hose faucets.

Toilets-internal parts, supply lines, tank bolts, flange, closet bolts, shut off, wax seal.

Waste line blockages-(if resident is responsible, there is a charge).

Water pipes up to fixtures-does not include replacement of fixtures.


BROKEN GLASS REPLACEMENT and condensation Guidelines

Upper window :units that have fogged up between 35 - 40% are replaced at no charge.

Lower window: units that are fogged up at 25% are replaced at no charge.

Unit owners may have window glass replaced at their own expense.

  • A unit owner installing windows in place of those provided by the developer understands that the Leisure Village Association is no longer responsible for maintenance of this alteration or replacement of any of its parts, and the responsibility becomes solely that of the unit owner of subsequent owner.

Service work furnished by the Grounds Department:

Grass cutting

Edging (once yearly minimum)

Reseeding (seasonal as required)

Debris pickup (April through November on    (Tuesday-North, Wednesday-South)

Debris pickup December through March upon request; a pick up date will be placed on the message generator.

Fertilizer (Spring and Fall)

Weed control to be applied in the Spring

Irrigation (maintained as installed by developer)

Snow clearing (after two inches of accumulation).  Snow to be cleared from main streets first, courts will be done secondary on a rotating basis.

Pruning of trees and shrubs that pose a hazard in     the common area

Sidewalk repair


Mildew cleaning

Fence Replacement Post & Rail

Repair garbage containers

Dead trees & shrubs on the common areas will be removed but not replaced.

Grub treatment as required


The exterior wood trim-band fences will be painted on a scheduled basis of once every five years.  Painting after roof leaks or ceiling repairs will be done only on the affected area, not the entire ceiling. Original color (ceiling white only) Unit owners must comply with the requirement for clearance between painting and unit such as walls, windows and fences to provide access to the painters. Any damage foundation planting resulting for insufficient clearance is the unit owner's responsibility.





Items NOT covered 


Air conditioner
A/C coils A/C compressor, HVAC registers and vents. Oven/Range Range glass tops, burner pans, cabinet drawers,
cosmetic repairs, oven liners 
FURNACE Humidifiers, duct cleaning, filters, vents
 D/W racks/baskets
Refrigerator Ice maker, shelves, egg basket


Cosmetic repairs to sidewalks and driveways. 
 Replacement of trees and shrubs.
A live tree will not be removed unless it poses an imminent danger, or is an agreed nuisance.
Maintenance of the five foot shrub area adjacent to the unit.
Moving lawn furniture, ornaments or garden hoses for purposes of mowing.  Any resulting damages are the responsibility of the resident.
Maintaining the natural areas except for litter - not leaves or branches.

Due to State law we are not responsible for animal control.  Call Manchester Township Police and ask them to notify the Animal Control Officer.  Do not feed feral cats.  It may also attract other wild animals such as skunks and raccoons.  

Residents should not apply herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer.  They will be responsible for any damages to common areas.

Pest Control (covered by the Association)

Structure wood destroying insects, termite control and damage - to building components only.

Exterior treatment for bees, wasps, hornets and ants at the site of damage or at nest.  (The Association is not allowed by law to trap or poison any rodents outside of any unit)